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wind energy markets in the world

There are two distinct, broad market segments for wind power in general, each with different drivers:
the environmentally-driven markets of, mainly, the western part of the world and the energy-driven markets of the developing countries, mainly Asia, although environmental concerns are starting to play a role in those countries. The cost-effectiveness of modern wind turbines is opening up new markets for this technology as the least-cost choice. While this statement is based on calculations for today’s biggest systems, which are running in wind-parks, the advantages of smaller players make this a reality also for small to mid-size applications.
In countries such as China and India, high economic growth is increasing the demand for electricity, and wind energy can contribute to the supply needs. Even where it is not the least-cost technology, it has the advantage of fast and dispersed installation – it can be installed, where power is needed. In countries like Brazil, where electricity in remote, rural places comes mostly from diesel generators, opportunities for wind power generators in the 1 kW to 100 kW range are plentiful.

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